PhatPad 4.0 for iPad

More than another note-taking app, PhatPad turns your iPad into an advanced brainstorming tool. Draw, write, and type your ideas then instantly share them via email, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox Sync, or using the presentation mode. PhatPad's digital ink technology and handwriting recognition engine allows you to scribble handwritten notes and drawings using your finger or a stylus (such as Jot Pro Stylus by Adonit. ) and convert them into digital text, or perfect geometrical shapes.


PhatPad 4.0 is now integrated with Moxtra power messaging technology, which allows you to share PhatPad, screen, voice, and chat in the real time with a touch of the button. Now you can collaborate and interact with others right over the PhatPad content using PhatPad or any Internet browser on any desktop or mobile computer.

PhatPad is optimized for iOS 8 including iPad retina screen and features new multilingual handwriting recognition technology supporting 12 languages, including English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, and Spanish.
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The beauty of PhatPad as a note-taking, collaboration and brainstorming tool, is that it allows users to draw pictures, jot notes, or put a mixture of pictures, drawings, handwritten and typed text on a virtual scratch pad. The included handwriting recognition engine allows PhatPad users to convert previously recorded handwritten notes into digital text, and edit text using either the handwriting input panel or the keyboard. Brainstorming and collaborating with team members is simple using PhatPad's Presentation mode, which allows users to create quick presentations and display them on the iPad screen and external monitor.

PhatPad's key features include

  • Smooth-flowing digital ink technology, which lets iPad users scribble notes as if they are writing on real paper;
  • The ability to combine drawing, handwritten text, images, and digital text on the same document page to create media-rich content;
  • A powerful multilingual handwriting recognition engine, which automatically converts handwritten notes into text and allows searching handwritten words.
  • Share PhatPad screen, voice, and chat in the real time with a touch of the button (free service for a limited time)
  • Voice notes - record, play, and use in presentation mode;
  • An advanced Presentation mode, which supports a VGA monitor and allows recording and playing presentations by synchronizing document pages and voice;
  • PhatPad Document sharing using SkyDrive, Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox synchronization, Evernote upload (as PDF), direct access via WiFi or iTunes, and email;
  • Printing to a printer on wireless network via AirPrint.

You can also download the PhatPad Tutorial in PDF (created with PhatPad itself!) and PhatPad for iPad User's Guide.

New Features in Version 4

  • Newest, improved handwriting recognition engine, including new Writing Panel design
  • Updated English dictionaries (more than 1000 new words added)
  • Handwriting recognition support for Indonesian language
  • Integration with Moxtra power messaging technology allowing for screen, voice, and chat sharing, in real time
  • Pogo Connect 2 and Adonit Jot Touch support
  • Optimized for iOS 8
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
System Requirements
  • Apple iPad (any generation)
  • iOS 8.0 or later